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Month: July 2022

joint pain

Revision Joint Arthroplasty is Costly and Leads to Less Desirable Outcomes In this post we would like to talk about revision joint arthroplasty (replacement). This is when a patient has already received a primary total joint arthroplasty, most commonly a knee or hip replacement, and then due to complications must go in for a follow […]

Virtual Reality Proves Useful For 3D Surgical Planning of Liver Surgery A team of medical experts have developed a virtual reality application for viewing 3D models of the liver for use in surgical planning. 3D models are nothing new to the medical field. Complex surgeries often use 3D imagery to gain a more complete understanding […]

Outpatient Joint Replacement Trends Compared to Hospital Stay There is a large shift in joint replacement procedures from the hospital setting where patients may spend 1 to 2 days following their procedure to outpatient joint replacement at ambulatory surgical centers where patients are discharged the same day. There have been several recent studies examining the […]

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