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revolutionizing orthopedic surgery

We Are Kinomatic VR

Creating the new gold standard for orthopedic surgery.

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new platform for surgery

Who we are

Kinomatic was founded to help orthopedic surgeons reach their full potential. The current market landscape for most surgeons is an annual reduction in both reimbursement and compensation. The majority of practices are fighting to maintain profits, which results in trying to find more patients and increasing the number of procedures performed. These market forces result in increased hours for surgeons just to maintain their current lifestyle. Kinomatic creates a business model that allows surgeons to focus on their patients while we focus on the business.

our Services
Creating 3d model
  • 3D angiography
  • CT
  • CBCT
  • MRI scans

History of

The Kinomatic VR a revolutionary advancement in orthopedic surgery, giving practitioners a transformative new platform for treating pain and improving patients’ lives through smarter surgical procedures. And like every new discovery, Kinomatic’s origin story begins with a collection of disruptive minds.

In 2019 a group of surgeons and engineers sought to improve the way surgeons operate. They knew from vast experience in 3D medical imaging that there was so much more that could be achieved through immersive VR technology. Their development team had already been at the forefront of pre-surgical templating with 3D CAD models, but surgeons still didn’t have that ultimate tool that would allow them to experience 3D models in a more immersive–and practical–way. They wanted to change this, and Kinomatic was born.

Before VR technology became available to surgeons, referencing a 3D model could only be done on a 2D screen. This doesn’t allow for the same depth perception and detail that a surgeon can get in Virtual Reality. With Kinomatic VR, surgeons can interact with diagnostic imagery, not merely observe it. By allowing surgeons to examine the model from every possible angle in VR and then plan out every detail of the operation in advance, they can now calculate exact size and orientation of implants before operating. This allows for a degree of precision currently not utilized in orthopedic surgery, the benefits of which can be invaluable to you, the patient: shorter operation times, less invasive procedures, faster recoveries, and most importantly, greater comfort and quality of life. The result is a knee, hip, shoulder, or spine so natural you forget you ever had surgery.

The Kinomatic VR team believes it’s time to bring orthopedic and spine surgery into the digital age. Their goal from the beginning has been simple:
Deliver superior outcomes. By empowering surgeons with a revolutionary platform like Kinomatic, that goal is finally becoming a reality.

Why choose us

Mission and Vision

Mission statement

Kinomatic aspires to improve the lives of our patients with a relentless focus on improving every aspect of the patient experience both before and after surgery.


To be uniformly recognized as the gold standard for orthopedic and spine surgery in the US by consistently delivering superior results.

Deliver superior outcomes

Core Values

Kinomatic puts its people first. From our patients to our team members to our doctors, our principles are at the forefront of everything we do.

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We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We are accountable for our individual and collective actions. We are guided by empathy, honesty, and ethics in all of our decisions.

Collective Ownership

Every individual team member has a personal stake in our journey and our destination. We treat others with respect, we take pride in our work, and we share a commitment to improving people's lives.

Outcome Focused

We strive for greatness. We measure our success by our outcomes. We seek to continuously improve our process with the end goal to improve our outcomes.

Patient First

Always put the patient's needs first. Earn their trust through dedication and service.

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