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Those who have been in Kinomatic’s virtual reality environment and have examined a patient model know the value and potential that virtual reality technology has in the medical setting. Everything from medical training, to surgical planning, and perhaps one day even intraoperative applications, virtual reality technology is rapidly weaving its way into the fabric of […]

Kinomatic has always had a strong focus on utilizing modern and new technologies to improve patient outcomes after a joint replacement procedure. This extends throughout the entire patient process from imaging through rehabilitation. It is commonly accepted that when patients are more engaged in their rehab they tend to have more successful outcomes. Where traditional […]

A recent, systematic review was conducted with the goal of examining and summarizing the data of multiple clinical trials and scholarly articles related to 3D pre-operative planning for primary total hip arthroplasty (THA). In all, 43 scientific articles were reviewed. The earliest publication referencing 3D planning was in 2002 with the amount of citations mentioning […]

Wearable exercise

Let’s face it, smartwatches and smartphones are not going anywhere. With Apple Watch users now up over 100 million and many more with FitBit and other smartwatch manufacturers, the adoption of these wearable devices continues to grow and reach even broader demographics.  On a personal level, having convenient, daily access to the information provided by […]

Age always plays a huge part in the decision of whether to go through with a joint replacement or to wait several more years in an attempt to limit the risk of needing a revision. A study published in 2017 examined the correlation between patient age at the time of their joint replacement procedure and […]

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