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Comprehensive Admin Service

From bookkeeping to marketing, to HR we offer as much or as little support as you need.

Scalable administrative support

We provide flexible and centralized back-office support for all your administrative tasks, including billing collections and payer management, human resources and payroll, technology implementation, and more. Improve practice efficiencies and control costs.

of scale

We deliver cost savings to our practice partners and reinvest it into their practice. Enjoy the economies of scale — from leveraging insurance providers
to securing the best benefits for your employees — that come with joining a thriving and growing organization.

Capital investment for growth

We provide our practice partners with capital to fund expansion and development. Take your practice to the next level with the investment resources and expertise you need to expand, innovate, and grow.

Surgical Planning

Kinomatic specializes in VR surgical planning and templating. We create exact models of a patient’s anatomy in a VR environment, which allows surgeons the ability to develop a custom surgical plan down to the smallest detail. Planning out a surgery in detail in Virtual Reality allows each surgeon to essentially perform the surgery in advance.

Kinomatic offers surgeons a comprehensive turn-key solution Virtual Reality platform. We provide the hardware, software, and support to allow you to offer your patients the most advanced VR surgical planning available on the market. Our team will handle every step of the process including all financial disclosures, ABN, and financing options. Kinomatic will collect payments, schedule CT scans, facilitate completion of the VR modeling, and send the final model to the surgeon’s personal headset for review and approval.

Planning out
a surgery in VR
Kinomatic has extensive experience

ASC Development

Total joint arthroplasty and spine surgery cases have been migrating to the ASC environment for the past 5-10 years. However, the vast majority of cases are still done at the hospital. In most cases, it makes sense for the ASC’s to allot physicians maximum professional control over the clinical environment and the quality of care delivered to the patients. It reduces wait time frustration for patients and allows for maximum patient-doctor interaction. Physicians have more flexibility over the technology and equipment they prefer to use. There is also a significant financial reward for a surgeon to switch to an ASC. Kinomatic provides comprehensive management services to ASCs. The company offers a wide range of services for startups and existing ASCs in the Total Joint Replacement Industry:

  • Capital Funding
  • Assisting in necessary state and third party accreditation
  • Business Planning
  • Contracting with Insurance Companies and HMOs
  • Negotiating bundled services
  • Ongoing daily management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management & Analysis
  • Information Systems/Technology
  • Clinical Infrastructure including all equipment and staff
Developing ASCs from the ground up
Managing ASCs for Physicians and Physician Groups
Consulting with existing ASCs to optimize contracting, efficiency, and profitability

Branding & Marketing

Kinomatic uses proven methods and works with orthopedic practices to develop targeted marketing strategies focused primarily on direct to consumer marketing. Kinomatic offers comprehensive branding and marketing campaigns that will significantly grow practices. Partnering with Kinomatic will provide access to all of our marketing content, our digital marketing team, and our Search Engine Optimization team. The tools combined will increase traffic to your website and increase the strength of your brand. Kinomatic’s marketing message and focus is on growing practices based on high margin encounters, not purely based on volume. It is not about the volume of patients, it is about the quality of patients. Kinomatic’s strategy is to focus on messaging to patients who are interested in premium services.

Kinomatic can also provide a solution aide in reputation management (Podium, Birdseye, etc) to expand your digital footprint. These tools will aggressively manage your reputation which will turn every VR patient into a 5 star review.

Direct to consumer
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