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Transform your practice from ordinary to exceptional

Most orthopedic surgeons do not enter the healthcare field with an affinity for managing time-consuming administrative duties and non-clinical tasks.
That’s where we fit in. As your partner, our goal is to supply the business guidance, resources, and support you need to move forward and position your practice for financial and clinical success. Kinomatic provides scalable administrative support that remove barriers to quality care and enable you to achieve more while securing your future.

Proven Results

Envisioning the next generation orthopedic surgeons

Kinomatic is a leading practice management support organization that caters to the needs of orthopedic surgeons nationwide. Our mission is to elevate private practices by providing scalable administrative support that removes barriers to quality care and enables orthopedic surgeons to achieve more while securing their future.

Next Generation

Helping independent practices stay that way

As a true partner, our goal is to enable independent practices to deliver focused, quality healthcare in a big way. We understand that the passion for caring for patients and the business of managing a practice do not always go hand-in-hand. We provide physicians and practices the administrative support, resources, and expertise they need to increase their practice value while offering practice equity ownership and true clinical autonomy.


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