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Why offer Kinomatic VR to your patients?

Creating the new gold standard for orthopedic surgery.

How It Works
Your patients will thank you

Better patient outcomes in less time.

Imagine knowing where every ligament, blood vessel, nerve and ridge of bone is within your patient before making your first incision. By mapping your procedure in 3D through Kinomatic VR, you will be able to view your patient’s anatomy from every angle in perfect detail. No more guesswork or unnecessary resection-Kinomatic VR ensures you’re able to operate with full confidence and minimal impact on your patient. This means less post-op discomfort, faster recovery, and a far more satisfied patient.

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Interested in offering Kinomatic VR to your patients? Let us know below how we can best connect with you. We’ll follow up with a personal consultation about equipping your clinic with Kinomatic VR technology. Your patients will thank you!

Mission statement

Kinomatic aspires to improve the lives of our patients with a relentless focus on improving every aspect of the patient experience both before and after surgery.


To be uniformly recognized as the gold standard for orthopedic and spine surgery in the US by consistently delivering superior results.

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